Antigone, Interrupted

What do you do when the state becomes the oppressor? Would you put your body on the line? A young girl ready to die to defend what she thinks is right. A king determined to impose his will as the rule of law. Antigone, Interrupted re-imagines a classic story for a contemporary world through the body and voice of a single performer.

Process Day & The Circle

A daring combination of cutting-edge choreography, club culture and fresh, unforgettable music in a striking new Double Bill, leaves you feeling its grip long after the performance is over.

Looping: Scotland Overdub

A street festival inspired ceilidh, with fresh electronic dance music and a distinctively Scottish edge. Everyone is welcome to share the dance floor (and maybe a whisky!) with us in this late-night dance, party, and politics experience!

storage for future sunsets

In this unique collaboration titled storage for future sunsets, Scottish Dance Theatre dancers will inhabit the V&A Dundee exhibition space in a durational performance devised in collaboration with choreographer Janine Harrington. storage for future sunsets explores ideas around the Hello, Robot exhibition and moves in relation to the environment offered by Up-Sticks: as a dwelling place or meeting space, shelter, bridge, space station, skeletal remain, portal, instrument…


New year, new dancers!

2020 brings two new Company Dancers to Scottish Dance Theatre: João Castro and Glenda Gheller…

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Scottish Dance Theatre @SDTDance

Check out this video by Apprentice Dancer Matilda Bjärum that shows the company rehearsing Sharon Eyal's Process Da…

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