Antigone, Interrupted

What do you do when the state becomes the oppressor? Would you put your body on the line?  A young girl ready to die to defend what she thinks is right. A king determined to impose his will as the rule of law. Antigone, Interrupted re-imagines a classic story for a contemporary world through the body and voice of a single performer.

Looping: Scotland Overdub

A street festival inspired ceilidh, with fresh electronic dance music and a distinctively Scottish edge. Everyone is welcome to share the dance floor (and maybe a whisky!) with us in this late-night dance, party, and politics experience!

storage for future sunsets

In this unique collaboration titled storage for future sunsets, Scottish Dance Theatre dancers will inhabit the V&A Dundee exhibition space in a durational performance devised in collaboration with choreographer Janine Harrington. storage for future sunsets explores ideas around the Hello, Robot exhibition and moves in relation to the environment offered by Up-Sticks: as a dwelling place or meeting space, shelter, bridge, space station, skeletal remain, portal, instrument…


Where are you, Dundee?

Today, on Friday 10 April, Dundee Rep and Scottish Dance Theatre are pleased to announce ‘Wher…

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Scottish Dance Theatre @SDTDance

We're excited to see our Dancers film featured in @TheScotsman Sessions this week with some lovely words from…

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