Velvet Petal by Fleur Darkin

— ★★★★ The Guardian

Sat 16 Mar 2019 at Dance City, Newcastle at 7.30pm

Spring 2019 Double Bill

Unwrap a favourite and crack open something new in our Spring 2019 Double Bill.

Exploring Your Choreographic Voice - Dundee Women's Festival 2019

As part of the Dundee Women's Festival 2019, join us for a contemporary dance-based workshop to find your choreographic voice, led by Scottish Dance Theatre tutors.

Contemporary Dance Technique

Technical exercises and sequences taught to build strength, coordination and flexibility.


In 5: Thomas Bradley

We catch up with Thomas Bradley, costume designer and collaborator for Emanuel Gat's new work.

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Scottish Dance Theatre @SDTDance

We’re on the way to @supportCHAS today with a forest full of animals in Innocence - but first, breakfast! 🆗🐑🌳…

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