Fringe 2019! LOOPING: Scotland Overdub

A street festival inspired ceilidh, with fresh electronic dance music and a distinctively Scottish edge. Everyone is welcome to share the dance floor (and maybe a whisky!) with us in this late-night dance, party, and politics experience!

Fringe 2019! RITUALIA

Other-beings vogue through a wedding ceremony in a visual feast of wearable art and lush lighting in this bold re-imagining of Nijinska's’s ballet, Les Noces.

South America 2019 (Double Bill: TuTuMucky & RITUALIA)

Taking #dundeetotheworld with a mesmerising Double Bill featuring TuTuMucky by Botis Seva and RITUALIA by Colette Sadler.


Scottish Dance Theatre at the Fringe 2019

Shaking tradition to its core and bringing Brazilian beats onto Edinburgh’s streets at this ye…

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Scottish Dance Theatre @SDTDance

There are two days left until applications close for auditions to join our company of dancers! If you are bold, pla…

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