The One Ensemble

The One Ensemble is a Glasgow-based quartet comprising cello, clarinet and bass clarinet, guitar, accordions, percussion and vocals. Working collaboratively, this highly individualistic group creates songs and compositions that weave esoteric narratives around joyous centres, chameleon-like in its ability to move between various genres without losing its unique identity. Incorporating Eastern European traditions with a distinctly Anglo-Scottish twist, classical chamber music, minimalism and the experimental avant-garde into a heady brew, their music is otherworldly, magical and unmistakable. Individually and together the members of The One Ensemble are artists who draw on hidden folk heritages and influences from diverse European musics whilst retaining a distinctly contemporary sound of their own.

”Blending ancient folk, avant-garde chamber music and the kind of melodies that might have been lifted from some 1940s film soundtrack, The One Ensemble return in an expanded format, now with added players and voices. It’s a move that’s clearly paid off, and this new record is a unique and enigmatic thing…” (Boomkat on Other Thunders)