Johanna Wernmo

Originally from Sweden, Johanna graduated from the Royal Swedish Ballet School in 2013. She continued her education at Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance under direction of Susan Quinn, while also performing with Needcompany, led by Jan Lauwers & Grace Ellen Barkey, in Steirischer Herbst Festival 2014 and in Berliner Festspiele at Foreign Affairs 2015; and performing a creation with Judith Sánchez Ruíz Company at ACUD, Berlin 2015.

Earlier engagements include projects with Stina Nyberg at the Royal Swedish Opera, liveartcollective MELO at Festival les Boréales in France, and Joseph Sturdy in Sweden. August 2015-2018 she joined the company at Stadttheater Bielefeld in Germany directed by Simone Sandroni, where she performed works by Wim Vandekeybus, Richard Siegal, Sharon Fridman, Eulalia Ayguadé, Overhead Project, Simone Sandroni i.a. In Bielefeld she performed her first evening-length solo work with musician Christof Pölsch, and was behind her camera shooting a short film featuring performer Lukas Pergande screened at the Stockholm Dance Film Festival 2017.

Johanna joined the company in December 2018.