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Collective Endeavours brings ROSALIND CRISP to Scotland!

Scottish Dance Theatre in association with Collective Endeavours and The Work Room is bringing ROSALIND CRISP to Scotland. Here is a rare opportunity to attend a weekend workshop with this master in dance improvisation based between Berlin and Sydney

CHOREOGRAPHIC IMPROVISATION workshop with ROSALIND CRISP is coming to Glasgow in March.

Rosalind's masterclasses offer practical tools to pay attention to the act of dancing and concrete ways of perceiving and then generating movement. As a practice, this work can deflect the dancer from their habitual movement pathways, enlarge their range of movement choices, and place them more solidly in the present. These are primary sources for a movement that empowers the dancer as a creative agent. As Rosalind’s work is about placing the attention in the body, her tools are not only of great value for professional dancers but are also accessible to musicians via their movement. As her techniques revolve around paying attention to habits and expanding choices, this is important to all facets of creativity

This workshop is open to experienced dancers and musicians.

All the information; time, price and how to book are on the event flyer below.

If you want to know more about Rosalind, have a look on her website.


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