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Festival of the Future & Scottish Dance Theatre

We were delighted that the opening night of our Autumn Tour could be tied in with the University of Dundee's Festival of the Future. Neuroscientist Ros Langston and Physical Activity Practitioner Osla Allen worked with our dancers in rehearsals on sessions that asked them to consider how they're feeling when they are both dancing and learning. Our dancer Luigi was even wired up to an EEG monitor to track his brain activity in several situations. A reading was taken at the start of the week before he had learned his new role and at the end of the week after he had learned the choreography. We also looked at his brain activity while he was watching dance or when he was running a routine through in his head.

In addition to these sessions we also held pre and post discussions on the opening night of our double bill of Process Day and The Circle here at Dundee Rep on Friday 18 October 2019. These discussions were hugely insightful and prompted great discussions from our audience. It was brilliant to see a full house of people keen to learn how science and dance can work together in collaboration to tell us more about our brains and body. 


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