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In 5: Tiny Dances

Miranda Sheehy and Giulia Coti Zelati share the story of Tiny Dances, a new platform for dance promotion, who recently made content with our apprentice dancer Giorgia Pirozzi.



SDT: Tell us about Tiny Dances.

TD: Tiny Dances is a brand new Instagram project born out of the desire to make dance more accessible to the general public and to connect the dance communities across the UK and beyond. We use social media to create opportunities to share, discuss, discover and explore through movement.

Tiny Dances creates high-quality 30-seconds films that are quick to make and easy to interact with, bringing them to its social media newsfeed every week. We want to encourage people to put their ideas into practice without the stressful journey of making a full length piece, giving them a space to explore, share and tell their stories.The team behind Tiny Dances is Miranda Sheehy and Giulia Coti Zelati, two freelance dancers and filmmakers based in Newcastle.

SDT: You’ve worked with our apprentice dancer Giorgia for a shoot on a beach! What was this like to film?

TD: I (Giulia) and Giorgia have been friends for a long time, and have had a similar journey: from the same school in Naples, to the same training in London, to dancing in the UK. So the one with Giorgia felt like a very natural collaboration. It was easy to connect to what she wanted to explore, and to frame it in the context of our hometown. We had talked about working together at some point and this was the perfect opportunity: she’s a joy to work with!

SDT: Does film making inspire your own dance practice and vice-versa?

Definitely. We think about movement from a much more visual point of view than we used to. When working from a dance perspective, it is always in our mind how it would translate onto a screen, what details we would bring to the audience’s attention, and then we work on how to obtain the same objectives in a live performance.

When working on films, we play a lot with a balance between the artist’s movement and the way the camera can also dance, give rhythm, and bring things to life differently.

SDT: What do you listen to when you dance?

Miranda: I like to listen to feisty females such as Sigrid, Banks, London Grammar, Chvrches and Du Blonde. I love how they are energetic with a great beat, passionate voices, and inspiring lyrics. They make me want to throw myself around!

Giulia: I like listening to artists that create an intimate space with their music such as Julien Baker, Sigrid, Passenger, Syd Matters, Tom Rosenthal and Bear’s Den. They make me want to get up and dance, always.

SDT: What’s next for you?

TD: As we start to gain more visibility, our next step is to start expanding our reach, both with residencies in single areas and one off collaborations, making films to represent communities other than our own here in the North East.

The goal is to connect the dance community across the whole UK and beyond, using the powerful tool of social media to give people access and input.

We would like to use this project to give people space to get their message out to the world through the means of movement and film. Alongside our artists features, we are interested in collaborating with local organisations and community members in vulnerable positions, such as homeless, disabled and refugee communities, offering movement workshops that would lead to the creation of films. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to share their story.

We see Tiny Dances as an opportunity to make dance more accessible, create a wider dance community, share stories, raise awareness and start up conversations.


You can find Tiny Dances on Instagram (@tiny.dances)

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