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Innocence 2018 Spring Tour

Fleur Darkin's children's work heads out on the road!

“Turning into birds, leaves and rain storms keeps the children absorbed while the dancers’ instincts prevent that rush of excitement spilling over into chaos” ★★★★★ The Express

This adventure for toddlers, inspired by William Blake’s childhood and poetry, lets them romp and play and is full of songs, giggles and animal noises by the much celebrated music magician Paul Bradley of Three Cane Whale fame and a firm favourite of BBC Radio 6 Music’s Cerys Matthews.

 Innocence is a magical theatrical journey led by Scottish Dance Theatre’s captivating dancers, with live music, songs, giggles and animal noises by Paul Bradley. A beautiful and engaging dance experience for young ones, their families and friends.. 

Artistic Director Fleur Darkin was inspired to create the piece by watching children dance and her aim was to create a performance that allowed children to participate and have as much fun as the adults.

Fleur Darkin Artistic Director and Choreographer said:

I was interested in creating an experience that sees the world from three feet high, and to give the children a chance to call the shots. Children and their parents/friends can dance together and choose how to play inside the show. Families can expect a playful atmosphere and magical space where dancers prowl among them”. “Innocence came from being a mother. My children have really shown me how to re-see the world. I came across the story of William Blake, who saw angels in a tree on Peckham Rye at seven years old. His parents didn't believe him and he got into trouble for "lying". I wanted to create real-life angels for children to believe in, because adulthood and experience are much over-rated. And actually, parenthood is a much happier experience when you have time to see the world as your child does.”

For a full list of Innocence tour dates below or view all our upcoming tour dates here.

25 March; Aberystwyth Arts Centre

27-29 March; Theatre Clwyd, Wales

2-3 April; Dundee Rep Theatre

5 April; ONFife: Lochgelly

6 April; ONFife: Carnegie

7 April - ONFife: Adam Smith

8 April; ONFife: Rothes Hall

11 April; Lyth Arts Centre, Wick

12 April; Paisley Town Hall

12 April; Byre Theatre

15 April; Cornerstone, Didcot

20 May; The Lowry, Salford



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