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SPUTNIK: dancers on creating new work

Coming up next week is SPUTNIK, the culmination of a three-week creative lab where Scottish Dance Theatre’s dancers have been exploring their own creative voices. Following their individual interests, they have been working across a variety of platforms with five new stage pieces, as well as screendance, podcast design and photography projects. Keep reading to find out more about what some of our dancers have been up to.

Oscar Pérez Romero is creating a new duet titled Locus. He describes it as “a journey from the inner to the outer, a game with no end where we confront ourselves with the daily grinds. A journey to break schemes, a finished puzzle ready to undo". Oscar is working with Apprentice Dancer Genevieve Reeves and collaborating with Sound Designer Torben Lars Sylvest.

Oscar was telling us about the process: “It’s really a great opportunity to have the space to create new work. I feel that it’s a necessity for us dancers to be creative and to do something that activates our brains in a different capacity. It has been amazing to share this experience and to collaborate with Genevieve on this duet. I think it's quite unique because it’s so personal, drawn from our own experiences and backgrounds but it’s not so literal that the audience won’t be able to relate and see themselves in it.”

“Are you interested in the arts? Do you consider yourself a creative?” Apprentice Dancer Matilda Bjärum has been co-developing a new podcast for the dance industry and is looking forward to introducing Head, Shoulders, Knees and POD at Dundee Rep on 6th and 7th December. Head, Shoulders, Knees and POD is a brand-new podcast about the arts surrounding the creative and intelligent body. Episodes will be released monthly on Spotify and Soundcloud with the first three episodes launching very soon!

Matilda has also used the creative lab as an opportunity to develop her practice and travel across Europe to meet different companies. So far, she has taken Counter Technique classes with Jenia Kasatkina at HJS Amsterdam and classes with Los Little Guys in Berlin at Dock 11.

Finally, Dancer Pauline Torzuoli took a minute to tell us about the sources of inspiration for her new choreography titled Thin h/as h/air with dancer and long-standing collaborator Yosuke Kusano:

“I have wanted to create a solo for a few years now somehow related to the subject of trees. During our last tour to South America I was fascinated by these beautiful trees that had long spirals of curls cascading down their branches. What I was seeing wasn’t actually just a tree but an air plant that grows on trees, its indigenous nickname is Itla Okla which translates as ‘Tree Hair’. I have always seen trees as the body hairs of the Earth or maybe it is the contrary, that our hairs are the trees of our bodies? Itla Okla was just the perfect image for this metaphor.

Through my research, I found out about another fascinating phenomenon, called “Ice Hair”, this time closer to us, since it has been seen in Scotland. What interested me about those two species is that they seem to be the antipodes of each other.

Itla Okla is from the South and Ice Hair from the North. The tree hair is extremely robust, it needs warmth, sun and almost nothing else to thrive. Whereas Ice Hair only grows at night, close to the floor on logs of dead wood, when the ground temperature is below zero and the air just above. Ice Hair is so fragile that you can hardly touch it and it can vanish in a gust of wind. This endless quality of contrast gives me such a great tension to create from.

An important piece of inspiration for my work also came from a quote by scientist Dr Christian Mätzler who studied Ice Hair: "I would like to let people realise that science can be unforgettably beautiful without any need for relevance for things that matter in human needs". Essentially this creation is about Trees, Science, Hair, Yosuke, Contrast, Metaphor, Measured Explanations and Unexplained Beauty.”

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