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storage for future sunsets: 21 hours, 3,000 visitors at V&A Dundee

Earlier this month Scottish Dance Theatre dancers took over V&A Dundee with a site-specific durational performance – storage for future sunsets.

Commissioned by V&A Dundee and created in collaboration with choreographer Janine Harrington, storage for future sunsets responded to the Hello, Robot exhibition and Up Sticks, a timber structure created by Gramazio Kohler Research and students of the MAS Architecture and Digital Fabrication at ETH Zurich. The structure was inspired by traditional construction methods in Scotland and made using a collaborative human-robotic fabrication technique.

It is estimated that over 3,000 visitors encountered the work in Gallery 2 over 21 hours of performance in three days. From nursery groups to grown-ups who sat down to have conversations with our dancers, storage for future sunsets playfully invited audiences to inhabit the structure and the gallery, creating a space for contemplation but also for reflection and debate.

Scottish Dance Theatre Artistic Director, Joan Clevillé said:
“This project has been a fantastic opportunity to step outside the theatre and bring our work closer to the people of Dundee. I am interested in bringing dance where people are and finding new ways of experiencing it in the 2020s. Working with Janine has also been an incredibly enriching experience for the company, and helped us expand our practice and the idea of what a repertory dance company can do.”

Thank you to everyone who came to see storage for future sunsets and to V&A Dundee for giving us such a warm welcome in their home. Until next time…

Photo credits: Julie Howden

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