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Velvet Petal:Bedroom comes to Ignite Dundee

Velvet Petal: Bedroom will be exclusively shown as part of Ignite Dundee on the 19th & 20th May at 7pm. It is a free event being held for Dundee audiences at the Hannah Maclure Centre, Abertay University.


Velvet Petal: Bedroom

By Fleur Darkin

Tough girls and pretty boys living life in the margins, dreaming about being at the centre. This bespoke extract from the full-length production explores the transformative power of beauty, created out of whatever is on the bedroom floor. Bringing us into a space of fluid identity, the dancers experiment, seduce and philosophise through their bodies, clothing, and ideas. Velvet Petal is inspired by the life-cycle of the Monarch butterfly, Robert Mapplethorpe’s polaroids and is set to a fresh dance punk score. 

Duration: approx 45mins

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