Double Bill: Dreamers/TuTuMucky

This exciting double-bill from Scottish Dance Theatre pairs ‘Dreamers’, by critically acclaimed choreographer Anton Lachky, with a new work by Botis Seva, a fresh new voice in British dance. Together they promise an evening of high energy, humorous, and engaging work . ‘Dreamers’ is a major hit with young people and across a range of audiences.

Dreamers by Anton Lachky

DREAMERS are people who dare to dream while not being asleep. Slovakian choreographer Anton Lachky, a resident of Brussels and part of the explosive Belgian contemporary dance scene, takes pleasure in making sense from nonsense and exploring links between reality and surrealism. His work is developed around the unique physicality of the performers, highlights the beauty and power of the moving body and intertwines it with his quirky and humorous style.

“Smart, witty and oh so fast.” The Scotsman ★★★★

“Technicolour bounce and a larky comic energy akin to cartoon capers.” The Herald ★★★★


TuTuMucky by Botis Seva

Powerful and complex, TuTuMucky explores how we’re shaped by the world around us, searches for peace in chaos, and celebrates revolt against the regiments of modern daily life. Blurring the boundaries between ballet, contemporary, and hip hop technique, this new work challenges traditional convention to offer a distinctively innovative form of dance. A fresh, rhythmic, and explosive journey to places both familiar and strange set to an original musical backdrop by beat producer Torben Lars Sylvest.

"Determinedly confrontational and challenging’" The Scotsman ★★★★ 

"A score that powers through your veins" The List ★★★★

TuTuMucky at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017

“Dark and entertaining” Edinburgh Festival Magazine, ★★★★

“Thirty-five minutes of exhilarating, passionate dancing which makes a powerful statement.” Everything Theatre, ★★★★