Looping: Scotland Overdub coming soon to Dundee

All ages welcome. All genders welcome. All abilities welcome.

LOOPING: Scotland Overdub by 7Oito is going on a journey around Dundee to spaces where people meet, greet and celebrate. Looping's Brazilian street-festival inspired ceilidh makes for a late-night dance, party, and politics experience, led by our full company of dancers. This is a participatory dance performance with a distinctively Scottish edge, celebrating individual freedom and the collective right of revolution through words by acclaimed writer Kieran Hurley, and a fresh electronic dance score mixed live by Torben Lars Sylvest.

You are warmly invited to join us on the dance floor for a night out not to be missed! We'll announce each stop on the tour right here and on Twitter @SDTdance. Stay tuned, and we’ll see you on the dance-floor!

Image: Brian Hartley