May Double Bill

Spring 2019 Double Bill: RITUALIA & The Circle

This exciting new Double Bill pairs RITUALIA by Colette Sadler, a Berlin-based Scottish choreographer alongside the world premiere of The Circle, a brand new commission with Emanuel Gat. Together they promise an evening of high energy and engaging work. 


RITUALIA shakes tradition to its core in this bold re-imagining of Nijinska's’s 1920s ballet, Les Noces. An ensemble of other-beings vogue through a wedding ceremony, donning queer wigs, in a visual feast of wearable art and lush lighting set to Stravinsky's original modernist score. As we reach the climax and witness the vows, society's pre-assigned roles are shed in an androgynous gender utopia created by internationally celebrated choreographer, Colette Sadler.

"A visually striking, astutely clever, witty addition to their repertoire." The Herald (on RITUALIA) ★★★★

The Circle

The Circle, by renowned choreographer Emanuel Gat, emerges as a piece that tells the story of 12 individuals. Focusing on the dancers' acute relationship with each other, its shifting, alternating energies create an intimate visual and emotional performance.

Speaking ahead of the opening of his new work Emanuel Gat said; “It's been a pleasure to make work for such a talented hard working company. The Circle celebrates each dancer as an individual and their own unique dance language whilst also telling the story of this collective and the relationships contained within it. I'm excited for audiences to see these dancers in a new light and for the work to breathe as it feeds from their energy.”

The Circle features various tracks from ‘Ultravisitor’ by Squarepusher. Courtesy of Warp Records.

"...freewheeling quality that challenges expectations, confounds interpretation and invites you to let go and enjoy." The Scotsman on The Circle ★★★★

Read the whole review from The Scotsman ★★★★

Image by Brian Hartley @StillMotionArts

An utterly absorbing, undeniably fresh vision of the future

— The Scotsman on RITUALIA