Scottish Dance Theatre Miann

MIANN by Fleur Darkin

In this award-winning collaboration, Darkin, choreographer and Artistic Director of Scottish Dance Theatre, joins forces with designer Alexander Ruth and Glasgow four-piece, The One Ensemble.  Working with the full company of experienced dancers and trading in intense, tactile choreography, Darkin has created a powerful, personal production that revels in nature and rails against it.  

Longing, desire and sorrow fuel the dancers and musicians in this intimate ritual of time. Performers, music and voices interweave with full-bodied energy to create a holding place for those who must depart. 

MIANN is a Gaelic word meaning ‘the ardent desire to know God’

MIANN premiered at Edinburgh Festival  Fringe 2014

Age recommendation: 12+
Duration: 55 mins approx.

Miann is a sensual space, a holding place for love to exist before time steals us away...” Fleur Darkin.

How do we surrender a loved one to nature’s most brutal transformation? How do we let go? These are the questions asked by Fleur Darkin’s Miann

outstanding feature of the piece is the unity of mood and intent achieved by the seamless interweaving of movement and music

— Broadway Baby

Hauntingly imagined, fiercely delivered

— The Herald