Scottish Dance Theatre Velvet Petal

Velvet Petal by Fleur Darkin

Following sell-out shows and rave reviews all over the UK, the fantastically edgy Velvet Petal by Fleur Darkin makes a striking return in 2019. Tough girls and pretty boys living life in the margins, dreaming about being at the centre. Velvet Petal explores the transformative power of beauty, created out of whatever is on the bedroom floor. The dancers experiment, seduce and philosophise through their bodies, clothing and ideas. Recommended 12+ 

Reviews on the Road

Read reviews here from our 2019 UK tour so far from Young Perspective, Cog Design, Bouquets & Brickbats, Greenwich Visitor and ReviewSphere.

What They Said

"Fleur Darkin's 'Velvet Petal' is an edgy, energetic exploration of sexuality, physicality, and vulnerability set to a pulsing soundtrack of punk and electronic music. Without a single weak moment or ebb in vivacity, it is a truly unique and exhilarating portrayal of identities in tension with social expectations." Young Perspective ★★★★★

"The ensemble use the space brilliantly, finding unlit crannies to occupy, to collapse, to cuddle, beyond the fourth wall." Cog Design

"The audience are left stunned by the vitality of each dancer as they glide across the floor weaving closely through one another and twisting their bodies in whichever way they feel the music leads them. Each performance sways between an intense intimacy and ferocity making them mesmerising to watch." ReviewSphere 


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— ★★★★ The Guardian